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Ever wonder how the CLC manages and protects 4,000 acres and provides convenient, attractive access to Chocorua Lake and conservation land trails to thousands of annual visitors?  VOLUNTEERS!

Have you been looking for a way to give back to the Chocorua Lake Basin?  Offer your time, talents and interests, and it’s likely we have a volunteer opportunity to match it.  Land trusts like the CLC give people a way to protect the land and lakes they love, close to home.  We can do great things because of the people who get involved.  To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please click here.

If you want to get involved, fill out the below form to offer your time, talents and interests.  We’ll contact you via email about volunteer opportunities which meet your specific interests and availability, and you can sign up if you’re available and interested.  We look forward to connecting with you!

Are you passionate about conservation?  Do you love working outdoors?  We have many kinds of volunteer opportunities.  Volunteers help monitor and maintain our conserved lands and trails.  You could work with the CLC on conservation projects.

Volunteer Your Talent!  The CLC is always looking for more volunteers to help with a range of activities and we invite you to join us!  There are a variety of jobs community members may help with depending on time and interest, anywhere from a few hours a year, to once per month, or as needed.

Prefer to sign up by mail Fill out a paper CLC Volunteer Form and mail it to:

Volunteer Manager
Chocorua Lake Conservancy
Box 105
Chocorua, NH  03817

Any Questions Email us at volunteers@chocorualakeconservancy.org and let us know our particular interests, skills and availability.

Since 1968, the Chocorua Lake Conservancy has been a volunteer-led land trust.   At the heart of all non-profit organizations are the volunteers who make the mission of the organization possible.   The Chocorua Lake Conservancy has been fortunate in having dedicated volunteers who make up the Board of Directors, serve on committees, and assist with a variety of programs.  Last year, we were grateful to the more than 60 volunteers, committee and board members who supported the CLC with their time and many talents!

To support our efforts to preserve the natural beauty of the Chocorua Lake Basin, please click HERE and make a donation.