Renovation of ‘The Grove’

The view of Mt Chocorua from the “Grove”, a piece of private property situated between the Big and Little Chocorua Lakes, has become [...]

Plan for Keeping Lake Chocorua Free of Milfoil

By Toby Page If the CLA-CLCF does little or nothing to protect the lake from milfoil, it is only a matter of time [...]

Mount Chocorua History

Antique Postcard of the Statue of Chief Chocorua, Moulton Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee Mount Chocorua bears the name of Sokosis Chief Chocorua who lived [...]

New CLA Web site & Instructions for Adding a New Post

At its Board of Director's meeting in May the CLA Board approved the establishment of a new Chocorua Blog.  It has a page for each [...]

William James Memorial Event in Chocorua

William James, the famous psychologist and the father of the philosophical school of pragmatism, died in Chocorua in 1910, his ashes buried somewhere [...]