Purchase “Timeless Chocorua: 50 Years of Conserving the Basin (1968-2018)” 2018-11-15T12:14:01-05:00

Our beautiful new 50th anniversary Timeless Chocorua book chronicling the rich history of the Chocorua Lake Basin is now available.

A compilation of essays, photographs, and historical images about the geology, history, culture, legends, and natural wonders that comprise the Chocorua Lake Basin.

  • $20 per copy (CLC Members); $25 per copy (non-members).  Shipping available ($5 per order).
  • Soft cover; 216 pages with an 16-page color insert; richly illustrated.
  • Click here to see the Table of Contents and a sample chapter.
  • Published September 5, 2018.

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Editing: Bonnie Hurd Smith, Ruth Weld, Alex Moot.

Design: Bonnie Hurd Smith.

Contributing writers:  Richard W. Allmendinger; Dwight Baldwin; John Cooley; Elizabeth Durfee Hengen; Harriet Hofheinz; Neely Lanou; Howard Mathews; Alex Moot; Douglas Nelson; Theo Page; Bonnie Hurd Smith; John B. Watkins; Steven M. Weld, Jr.; Peg Wheeler

Historical images provided by:  Iris Baird, Beverly (Mass.) Historical Society, Cornelius Chenery (courtesy of his great grand niece Alys Walker), Alex Moot, Alan Phenix, Bonnie Hurd Smith, Phil Wagner.

Contemporary photography by: Thad Berrier, Steve Lanou, Betsy Whitman Memishian, Alex Moot, Jim Salge Photography, Greg Shute, Ruth Weld.