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Hammond Trail sign (cropped)Hammond Trail (CMC)

The Hammond Trail provides a route up Bald Mountain (2,140 ft.), the ledgy south ridge of Mt. Chocorua.  The Hammond Trail is perhaps the oldest trail on the mountain. It is said Native Americans used this trail prior to the coming of the white men. The trail takes its name from the Hammond Farm situated at the base of the trail.

The Hammond Trail is maintained by the Chocorua Mountain Club (CMC).

Trail distances & hiking times from the parking area on Scott Road (600′):

  • to Bald Mountain (2140′):  1.9 miles, 1550 ft, 1 hr. 45 min.
  • to Liberty Trail (2540′):  3.0 miles, 2000 ft, 2 hr. 30 min.

Directions to the trailhead:  The trailhead is on Scott Road, a dirt road (not plowed in winter) located on the west side of Route 16 about 1.6 miles north of Chocorua Lake Road.  The entrance to Scott Road is directly opposite a large boulder on Route 16.  Follow Scott Road for 0.5 miles and park on the right side at the designated parking area.

Trail details:  The trail leaves the parking area, crosses Stony Brook, passes the WMNF boundary, then recrosses Stony Brook.  At 0.8 miles the trail crosses a logging road, then climbs steadily to the crest of Bald Mountain at 1.9 miles.  It crosses a sag, then ascends along the ridge.  At 2.1 miles, the Weetamoo Trail enters on the right, and the Hammond Trail passes over several humps to its end at the junction with the Liberty Trail, 1.1 miles from the summit of Mt Chocorua via the Liberty Trail and the Brook Trail.

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Mt Chocorua, Three Sisters, and Carter Ledge from Bald Mountain ledges

 Mt Chocorua, Three Sisters, and Carter Ledge from Bald Mountain ledges