Bee Line Cutoff to Mt Paugus 2017-05-15T11:24:44-04:00

Bee Line Cutoff to Mt Paugus (CMC)

This trail provides a shortcut to the Bee Line Trail to Mt Paugus from the Paugus Mill Rd parking area.  It is almost entirely within the Sandwich Range Wilderness.

The Bee Line Cutoff is maintained by the Chocorua Mountain Club (CMC).

Mt Paugus is low but surprisingly rugged, and is mostly overlooked by hikers.  Mt Paugus devotees enjoy its wild aura, interesting trails, and excellent views from the ledges just below its 3,198-ft. south summit. The 19th century naturalist Frank Bolles was perhaps the mountain’s biggest fan, affectionately calling it “Old Shag” and writing about it extensively in his 1893 classic, At the North of Bearcamp Water.

Directions to the trailhead on Paugus Mill Road:  Follow above directions to the Liberty Trail.

Trail distances & hiking times from the Bolles Trail (1100′):

  • to Bee Line Trail (1300′):  0.6 mi., 200 ft., 25 min.

Trail details:   The Bee Line Cutoff diverges northwest from the Bolles Trail 1.2 mi. from the parking area and follows an old lumber road.  At 0.2 mi. it bears right, crosses a brook, and continues to the Bee Line Trail, 0.2 mi. west of the junction of the Bee Line and Bolles trails.