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Our Staff

Lynne Flaccus, Stewardship Director

(603) 323-6252 office

Lynne is responsible for advancing the stewardship program of the Conservancy, which is responsible for managing or stewarding 3,892 acres of protected land in the Chocorua Lake Basin.  She joined us in May 2016 as the Conservancy’s first full-time employee in our almost 50-year history.  In May 2017, the CLC board renewed Lynne’s contract for another 12 months.

As Stewardship Director, Lynne will establish personal contact with each owner of protected land and will work with the landowner to create a “current conditions” report for each covenant or easement, to establish a baseline against which changes in the land can be assessed for compliance with the governing document.  The report will be reviewed with each landowner or his/her designated representative to assure its accuracy, and the Conservancy and the landowner will each retain a copy of the report as a permanent record.

Building on these initial contacts, Lynne will recruit and train volunteers to assist with annual landowner contacts and property visits, to offer assistance with land management questions, and to update Conservancy records to reflect any changes in protected properties.

Lynne has a lifelong connection with the Chocorua area.  She spent her childhood summers and many vacations at her grandmother’s’ house in Tamworth, of which she is now a co-owner.  She spent much of her youth and early adult years exploring, hiking, fishing, and canoeing throughout Chocorua, Tamworth and the Sandwich Range.  After college, she spent four years living and working in the area.

Lynne has extensive experience working with landowners on conservation strategies for their lands, mapping, educational programs, stewardship of conservation lands and trails, interpretive trail creation, managing volunteers, and drafting conservation plans and conservation easements.

Lynne brings to the Chocorua Lake Conservancy almost 30 years of experience in land conservation and stewardship, managing protected properties, studying wildlife, and educating adults and children.  Most recently, she served as Education and Stewardship Specialist at Midcoast Conservancy (Wiscasset, Maine), where she was the point person for all stewardship activities.  Lynne spent the prior five years as Programs Manager at the Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association (Newcastle, Maine), where she implemented a wide range of stewardship and conservation programs, and natural history education.

From 1988 to 2011, she worked at the Chewonki Foundation (Wiscasset, Maine) as a teacher and Head Naturalist. At Chewonki, she served as a Wilderness Trip Leader and led many extended canoe trips for youth throughout Maine and Canada with her husband Greg.  She holds a B.S. in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Vermont.

Juno Lamb, Director of Programming and Outreach


Troy Emerson, Lake Patrol Officer

Troy has served as the CLC’s Lake Patrol Officer since 2013.  From Memorial Day weekend through mid-October, seven days a week and twice a day, Troy patrols the public access areas at the Grove and Narrows Bridge, the Island, and Sandy Beach. Troy is responsible for trash pickup and disposal, interacting with the public answering questions, and ensuring that rules for these sites are followed by all.  Troy normally collects 80-90 large bags of trash during a season, as well as encountering occasional kitchen sinks, tires, an abandoned car, and selected unmentionables.

Troy reports that his most common question from members of the public is: “Will you take a photo of us?” – not surprising given the iconic beauty of Chocorua Lake and Mount Chocorua.  In addition, he has encountered various wildlife including moose, deer, bald eagles, loons, and nesting turtles.

Troy and his wife, Melissa, and children, Lucas and Camile are life-long residents of Tamworth. Troy attended the Brett Elementary School in Tamworth and graduated from Kennett High School in North Conway.

Thank you, Troy, for monitoring and protecting these important CLC sites, and for enhancing and protecting the public’s access and enjoyment!

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