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Wildlife Species

Wildlife species that frequent the Chocorua Lake Basin include BeaverMoose, Black Bear, White-tailed Deer, Porcupine, Red Fox, Short-Tailed Weasel, Fisher, Raccoon, River Otter, and Snowshoe Hare.

Bird species that live in or migrate through the vicinity include Common Loons, Bald Eagles and Osprey.

Fish species that live in Chocorua Lake include Rainbow Trout, Smallmouth BassChain PickerelBrown TroutBrook Trout, Brown Bullhead Catfish (also known as “Horned Pout”), White Perch, Bluegill Sunfish and Common White Sucker.  The State of New Hampshire stocks Chocorua Lake with Rainbow Trout each fall.

Turtle species that live in Chocorua Lake include the Snapping Turtle and Eastern Painted Turtle.

Snake species that live near or swim in Chocorua Lake include the Milk Snake, Common Garter Snake and Northern Water Snake.

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