President’s Letter

The Grove at Chocorua Lake

What the CLC founders achieved in the 1960s is truly amazing. They convinced 50 landowners in the basin to voluntarily sign agreements restricting their property rights for the benefit of fellow landowners, local residents, and tourists.

By 1970, they had protected over 1,400 acres from development. By 1985, over 2,200 acres had been successfully protected. Today, almost 4,000 acres are protected.

While all of these properties remain protected 50 years later, only four of the original 50 signers of conservation agreements are still with us, and fewer than half of protected properties are still owned by family members of the original signers.

Each time a property is sold to a new owner, or passes to the next generation of family members, part of our stewardship role is to help the new owners understand what they are permitted to do with the property under the terms of the agreements.

In 2014, we successfully merged our two predecessor organizations to form the Chocorua Lake Conservancy. Over the past four years, the Board of Directors and our many dedicated volunteers have worked hard to transform the CLC into a modern land trust capable of managing and protecting almost 4,000 acres across 132 properties.

In August 2016, we launched the Timeless Chocorua campaign to provide the CLC the necessary financial resources to protect the basin and to provide attractive public access to visitors for another 50 years and beyond.

We hope you will join us at one or more of the 50th anniversary events we have planned for this summer, and that you will support the Timeless Chocorua campaign as generously as you are able. You can take satisfaction in knowing that you are contributing to something that will last forever.

Alex Moot
Board President (2017-18)