New CLA Web site & Instructions for Adding a New Post

At its Board of Director’s meeting in May the CLA Board approved the establishment of a new Chocorua Blog.  It has a page for each of the key organizations that help protect the basin, the Chocorua Lake Association (CLA), the Chocorua Lake Conservation Foundation (CLCF), and the Chocorua Mountain Club (CMC).   The blog will allow people to post comments, articles, photos, etc.  If you would like to submit a “Post” (a.k.a. an article, news, meeting minutes, historical essay, etc.) please contact Ken Smith at khsconsulting at Comcast dot net (spelled out here so Ken does not get spam) for login information.  Ken and Jim Bowditch will, for now, act as moderators.  This will be in addition to a CLA web page, still in development.  We hope that the blog will encourage all members of the community to communicate experiences, thoughts, etc., that are relevant to the basin, our community, and our history.

quill_pen_and_ink_wellInstructions for adding a “Post”:
Anyone can add a post, and everyone is encouraged to do so.  Once you have successfully logged into the Blog Admin page, on the left menu click on the word ‘Post’.  A list of all Posts will appear and new options will also appear immediately below the word ‘Post’ on the left side.  Click on ‘Add New’ to open a new window in the middle of the screen. It is recommended that you write your post in MS Word or other application rather than typing it out online.  On the top right of the Post window are two tabs:  Visual and HMTL.  Click on the HTML Tab (the letters HTML will turn black), copy the text from your Word (or other) document and Paste it into the Post window, then click on the Visual Tab to view your new Post. In the right-hand menu click on Save Draft to save a copy. Then if you are happy with your Post click on Publish – this will make your Post LIVE!

[Note, the editors reserve the right to remove any Post for any reason.]

Chocorua Lake in Winter

Chocorua Lake in Winter

Instructions for adding images:
Images add a lot to a post so please add them. In add an image to your Post click on the Visual Tab to be sure you are editing in Visual Mode. You can not just Copy / Paste an image. Click your Cursor where you want the image to be placed. Then, on the top left of the Post window are the words Upload/Insert followed by 5 icons – click on the first icon and a new window will appear with an empty text box to the right of a button that reads Browse. Click the Browse button and find the image you want to add to your Post on your computer hard drive. Click on the image and the name should appear in the text box. Click the upload button to add the image to the Blog’s media library. When you are adding the image you a new window will open, please add a title, caption, description, etc., and where you want the image to be places (right of text, left of text, etc.) and what size you want the image to be (full, etc., not all sizes are always available). Finally click on Insert into Post. You’re done.

Parental Guidance:
Children of all ages are eagerly encouraged to add Posts about growing up on Lake Chocorua (see Kenny Smith’s Post about snakes).  But parents need to observe proper online security and please be sure to edit the content.  No real names (other than historical names) of other children should appear, no addresses, chat handles, email addresses, or other personal information should be included.  We recommend that you help your child establish a unique Chocorua Blog name that they can use instead of thier real name.  But we do encourage children to Post articles and images.  If you have any concern about a Post your child or another child has published please contact Jim Bowditch or Ken Smith for assistance.